Teachers used to tell my parents I was a sweet kid, but too quiet and unwilling to volunteer. I’ve always been an observer, even as a child.

At some point though, I figured out that sometimes the best way to observe something is to participate with it. I’m interested in the way things work: how language can be used and manipulated, how storytelling happens, how journalism evolves, how people interact. My education and career have been dedicated to exploring these questions, and I hope to keep pursuing them.

I’m a Metpro trainee at the Los Angeles Times. I recently graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in journalism and a double minor in classics and government and public policy. Last summer, I was a Pulliam fellow for the Arizona Republic‘s metro copy desk. Before that, I was at my college newspaper, the Arizona Daily Wildcat, for three years. I worked my way up to being a two-term editor-in-chief by starting out as an arts writer and columnist, then as a copy editor. I was also the opinions editor for a semester before acting as the paper’s copy chief for two semesters.

I’ve also interned as a 2012 Dow Jones News Fund copy editing intern for the Los Angeles Times and a copy desk apprentice at the Arizona Daily Star in 2011. I’ve held other leadership positions as a mentor to high school journalism students and the chairwoman of the Arizona Student Media Board.


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